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Moe M.:

 Well folks, we're going into the last stretch of another year and about to start in on another, unfortunately the new year is not looking like we had all hoped it would, a new "inflation fighting bill" has just passed and the President was only too happy to sign it into law, it promises to increase gov. spending and drive inflation to new heights.
 The left's green agenda has wiped out our energy independence and bankrupting the poor and middle class with high gas, home heating fuel, higher energy costs, and food prices, shortages of everything from baby formular to computer chips and everything in between are causing massive manufacturing and distribution problems, again resulting in higher cost to the consumer. 
 In addition too the much higher cost of living, crime in many areas of the country is increasing at an alarming rate, and while our state and local police are doing their best (most state and local agencies are understaffed) leftist criminal justice agencies from Attorneys General to DA's, to judges are letting the criminals back out on the streets in most cases with no bail, which encourages and emboldens them into committing more crimes against the public, and all the while arresting and prosecuting civilians who act to defend themselves, it's insane.
 On another note, our Borders are still unsecured, illegals (Yes, I said illegals, not undocumented, because they are criminals who have entered our country illegally) are flooding into the country by the thousands each and every day, and they are being welcomed at the border with a handshake and well wishes by this administration, they are given shelter, food, money, and drivers licenses (ID's), and then they are bussed in secret to unsuspecting communities all over the country which are forced to support them (at least in the short term, and many of them have in blue states been placed on the voter registration rolls.
 Along with the un vetted illegals coming through our borders are huge amounts of illegal drugs that are being used in making other drugs that look less than lethal some even made to look like candy, many are laced with Fentanyl which are deadly, and they are killing Americans especially young people at alarming rates.
 As if all of the above is not enough, all of our Constitutional Rights are under attack by this administration and it's outside allies, Free political Speach, the right to assemble, the Right to seek Redress or criticize the gov., Religion is under attack, Privacy Right are all but gone, warrantless searches are being served unconstitutionally, people are being arrested and held without cause or charges being leveled against them just for disagreeing with speaking out against gov. injustices.
 Who's paying for all of this, We The People are, the administration just spent billions of our tax dollars to hire 78,000 new IRS agents, thousands of 9mm pistols, and millions or rounds of hollow point ammunition to arm those agents, seems to me the IRS was working OK as is, why the need for all of those new federal agents, why do IRS accountants need to carry automatic weapons to conduct audits ?
 And lastly (for now), why is the gov. pushing so hard to disarm it's law abiding citizens while increasing the number of armed federal agents three fold, That's not what the Second Amendment addresses or insures, or am I just being paranoid ?
 OK, I got carried away again, sorry.   :shrug:

 I think the last time we talked about prepping for hard times was about six months ago give or take, and since then I've added some more short term (five years or less) supplies to our emergency pantry, plus a few long term items (25 years or so), at pushing 80 I'm probably being overly optimistic  :lol:, but what we don't use can go to the kids and grand kids.
 I also increased my water purification capacity a bit and I've been taking stock of my camping and bush crafting gear (no I'm not intending to bug out or live in a tent) such as my camp and backpacking stoves and fuel, bush pots and water bottles, ferro rods, knives, paracord, and stuff.
 I've also added a moderator to my air rifle preps and put away a few more thousand .177-.20-and .22 cal. pellets, I certainly have way more pellets than I'll ever need, but they will make good bartering and trade items if things get that bad.
 I've also been researching and experimenting with Depression era cooking or what some call Struggle meals using not so normal and substitution ingredients to come up with healthy and good tasting recipes, it is a fun and interesting pastime that may end up paying dividends for us if the shortages get worse, prices get higher, or the economy tanks, all of those possibilities are on the table in the times we find our selves in.
 Well, if you've gotten through this whole post without giving up or falling asleep, share with us what you all have been doing (if anything) in the way of improving your emergency preps.       

Similar preps.  Water is my weakness but I have a plan for collecting water here in FL.  As long as I stay ahead of the curve , rain will keep us up.  Then there's the springs.

I'm good with the pew pews and freedom seeds.
Com is several mobile hams and a base with 100w of power before the amp.  Kinda getting into antenna building.  I get some pretty diverse news.

Other than that my preps will stay close to the vest.  Just in case some meth head is reading this...I got one for ya.

Jumping past the political diatribe and disinformation, my preparations are changing a bit also.

I have been planting  drought resistant heirloom strains of crops for a while but increasing temps are causing long dormant periods in what used to be growing periods. Bush beans flowered early then were cooked with 103F + temps (in the shade) and are only now emerging from dormancy with a few flowers. No beans this year. 

I have sufficient water for the small amount of food grown but am planning on having to switch both plants and methods. That will likely be frequently necessary as things develop. Still looking at dried corn and beans as staples to store since that combo provides complete aminos and stores well.

After making it on corn, beans , salsa and cheese years ago I know it can be done.  Add a dozen chickens or so and things should be ok in the kitchen if it comes to that.

From hat to boots I'm ok for all four seasons and with about  a billion cottontails per square foot (encouraged  guests so far) there's planty of active protein running around. The closet grocery store is about 6 miles away on the rez so there's that too

I'm not overly concerned with ravenous hordes rampaging through intent on raping the dog and kicking the wife scenarios since in general folks likely won't pit up with that or a bunch of "militia" punks either. That stuff definitely doesn't fly here.

The big problem here and everywhere is climate disruption. And that, of course, we can only speculate about at this time. Clearly things are becoming more challenging and stressful for everyone. Denial seems to still be in fashion and will probably remain so despite anything reported or observed. Just the way things are. People are still moving to the SW even as they're told up front the current social structure is collapsing. Go figure.

As always these "Are the best of times and the worst of times ..." or something like that.

things are actually much worse than Moe thinks.  The US government has been taken over by communists, or oligarchs, or someone, and the country is being destroyed.  Voting won't help, as the left wing and the right wing are part of the same bird.  Lock and load,  know who your friends are (and your enemies) and work on the mindset that will allow you to survive.
The brainwashed are going to continue to bleat about 'climate change' being the cause of our woes, but it's not.  Of course. 

No wonder this site is dying. :-\


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