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Moe M.:

  That's a very good point Boomer, one that isn't discussed much, in fact I don't think I've ever included hand tools in my posts or discussions related to survival preps, the ironic part of it that I've often heard my friends and family members ask The question, why are some other reasonably intelligent people not making any effort to put aside non perishable food stuffs and the means to collect and purify water, until now I've never had a good answer.
  After reading your post it came to me that a big part of the answer to that question may be in part why I never seriously gave hand tools a priority, in my case I've always had tools, some inherited, some I bought over the years, I'm not much of an auto mechanic, in my youth I dabbled in it, cars and what made them run were pretty simple back then, my first few cars were flat head Fords or '50's and '60's Chevys, but these days of computerized cars are something else.
 But I've always enjoyed working with wood and using hand tools for most of my projects, I used to love watching Roy Underhill on TV, I often thought about building a foot powered wood lathe like his, but I'm getting away from my reason for posting this, the thing is that most of us old timers have grown up with skills inherited from our parents and grand parents that we take allot of it for granted, like just about everyone else I have my share of corded wood and metal working tools and in last decade or so have accumulated a bunch of cordless tools and assorted batteries that have made working with wood much easier and faster, and we don't give them much thought when they aren't needed.
 I guess for some folks the fact that they've always had super markets and fast food joints that they can't wrap their heads around the thought that they could be without, they don't associate what's going on here and in other parts of the world with what happened to once thriving countries like Cuba and Venezuela that went from lands of plenty to people eating their pets and raiding trash trucks to survive almost overnight.
 Pete Bog mentioned that this is the third or so thread that I've started on this subject and get the same response or lack of it, I guess I'm a slow learner, or maybe they just need to have it drummed into them. 

Sometimes we just over think things and imbue them with more importance than is merited.


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