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Moe M.:

--- Quote from: Phaedrus on August 22, 2022, 05:45:57 AM ---No wonder this site is dying. :-\

--- End quote ---

 This forum is dying for quite a few reasons, in the beginning it was born out of controversy, and was safe place to land for those who were being banned from  BCUSA or dissatisfied with their moderating policies and strict adherence to their forum's policies, it was also a small enough forum that all of it's members felt like they were actually part of a community and that when they voiced an opinion or a concern, it was listened to and addressed, usually immediately.
 But when it got it's legs it began to change, the owners for what ever reason left the day to day running of the forum to a couple of moderators, one of which ran rough shod over members he didn't like, disagreed with, or didn't like the content of some of their posts, over a couple of years many of those original members passed, were run out, or left because of repeated insults from the moderator.
 Then it ran well for a while, but little by small some of the older members just drifted or faded from the rolls until we've come to where we are, just a few original members, most too old to be bush wacking or spending days in the woods building shelters and creating camps, new younger potential members will lurk, not finding what they are looking for and will join up with BCUSA or some other outdoor forum because it's more action oriented and has more woodsy and self reliance knowledge being shared.
 And that my friend is why this site is breathing it's last, it has nothing to do with agreeing or disagreeing about political ideologies or discussions about religion and everything to do with nobody caring enough about knives, bush craft, or self reliance skills to keep it alive, we've become just a handful of patriots and socialist sitting around their laptops bickering about which one is right and which one is lying (pun intended).

"... patriots and socialist.. " attitudes is the primary reason for the decline of the site. The basic assumption of participation has always included a far right conspiracist outlook and ostracizing those who disagreed. When assertions about "stolen election" are accepted as usual chat (Mannlicher recently) or any number of dead children is acceptable re AR type weapon discussions (Moe recently) or the idea "White men with guns have spoken" (Wolfy?) post election in 2016 was acceptable and lauded or the discredited fin de sicle eugenics claims became abundant around then or the vitriol directed at "Socialists" (ironically by members with careers in actual functioning socialist based agencies such as Police and military) or the many outright denials of human contributions to Climate problems such as it is not happening or glaciers are enlarging (Moe recently but reflecting the general attitude) the history tends to reflect the general pattern of hostility and exclusion members seem to desire. The attitude has been often openly displayed when members preferring fact based views are invited to leave by the coterie of far right conspiracists remaining including snide remarks by moderator (Crash) which included to either name names as  is done here or "Shut Up" in the interweb equivalent of shouting. This was the Moderators instruction that was followed as required.

The site is moribund because of  what it has become.  At one time it was lively and growing with burgeoning international membership. The irony is that it could have been again. There were a number of ways the site could have maintained the growth of earlier years but instead allowed itself to be drawn into the current death spiral.

Citizens and guests on public forums may have differing opinions on just about anything from knives to tarps to politics. On a site dedicated to open discussions, which I fully support, toleration of all ideas and view points is the sine qua non of success. The curmudgeonly diatribes of a few superannuated "leaders" proved too bitter a vinegar for those seeking a taste of honey and comradeship in a shared interest of the outdoors.

Other bushcraft and outdoors sites continue to be successful simply because they remain inclusive to a degree never achieved here. That is a shame and waste of talent, knowledge and opportunity. It might be worth considering how many potential members of the bushcraft and outdoors community have been dissuaded from participation by the rampaging nonsense of a few more intent on pushing a political diatribe at the expense of everything else. They made the site they wanted and now we reap the returns.


''White men with guns have spoken?'' :shrug:  I'd appreciate learning where that quote came from.  I don't recall ever having said that, but if I did, I'd like to see it with my own eyes! :rolleyes:

Yeah I questioned that quote too.  Didn't sound like something you'd throw out on the internet.
But maybe boomer saw something we didn't.

I recall the remark very clearly right after Trump was elected president. It included an apology to PW as well. I could not find the post in the archives however, so the attribution is from memory. Hence the question mark. I was not a member at the time, just reading through but it certainly made an impression.

If the post was incorrectly attributed please accept my apology. 

Edit: It seems the thread containing the response noted above was moved by PW on November 28, 2016 to Private Discussions from the General Discussion area. With one unrelated exception there are no records I could find for 2016 in the Top Secret area. In fairness any attribution would be based on memory so it should be withdrawn.


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