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Bushcraft "Murse"

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I've been a little under the weather this weekend & there was nothing good on TV ... so I grabbed my box-o-paracord & decided to do something useful.

Since we're coming up on the cooler hiking season, when I do some of my longer outings; I've been looking for a way to carry some additional water in, that would be accessible while walking (I have a 2Q  mounted to the back of my vest).

Bored, tired & high on asprin & cough syrup ..... the "Bushcraft Murse" was born ....  ;D

Started with some good 'ol cobra weave;

Added some hardward from a purse that the wifey was tossing out ....

Added a surplus 2Q canteen cover & grenade pouch;

Viola .... auxilary water carrier ... a.k.a. the "Murse" (male-purse  :-[ )

Hopefully I'll still be as happy with it when all the meds wear off.

Looks good buddy. I like the color combination that you used.

I like it.  That's nice paracord work and a good idea overall.  Well done.


That looks way better than my flue-inspired purse-thing. :)

Really nice cobra weave, not bad for someone high on aspirin and cough syrup  :)


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