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18th Century Small Game Hanger

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werewolf won:
As seen in this month's Muzzleloader MAg's  DIY section. Also seen in Madison's "Kentucky Hunting Pouches" Book

Home made chain links. The round stock is coat hanger wire cold blued.

Sharpened end, pokes through the animal. The square stock is 1/8th key stock again blued after forming the ends etc.

Not to big, it will get it's own strap from the brass ring.

Now just have to wait till hunting season :D
Thanks for looking!


That looks sweet.  Thanks for sharing it.

NICE JOB!  I read that article in MUZZLELOADER last month, too :).  I now envision a future photo of a limit of bushytails strung up by their Achilles tendons and a grouping with your bag, horn and soot-burner propped up against a gnarled old oak tree :thumbsup:

Moe M.:
    Hey WW-1,  I think I have a new breech cloth and a spare sash hanging around in your size, and Arrow Moccasin is right up the road a piece on Rt.495 in Hudson,  got a couple of brimed period hats that I could part with and at least one liberty cap.  :)

werewolf won:
Thanks, but no thanks Moe.  I love the old rifle and tools, I draw the line at looking like I found a time machine however.


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