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The no-mod 550 cord mod for gas mask bags!

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Well after giving this some thought, and then some more thought, I finally figured out a way to rig the gas mask bags I got from Wilderbeast for vertical carry instead of horizontal, with absolutely zero permanent modifications to the bag itself. This is so simple to do I can't believe it took me this long to figure it out! :D

Anyhow, here goes...

First you need one of the gas mask bags, and a piece of 550 cord about 30" long.

Take the long shoulder strap out of the pouch on the side of the bag, the strap with the dee ring on the end. Feed this strap up through the upper left webbing loop that has the snap hook. This will keep the bag from flipping over. The lower snap hook can be tucked into the velcro pouch the shoulder strap is stored in.

Next, you will fold the 550 cord in half and tie a figure 8 knot in it to form a small loop on the end. This will leave two long strands hanging below the loop. Use a girth hitch to attach this loop to the dee ring on the end of the shoulder strap. Here you can see the cord tied to the dee ring and laying inside the pouch. Pass the ends of the cord through the drain holes at the bottom.

Next find the cord ends on the outside of the pouch and tie them together. I used a rewoven figure 8 knot for this.

Finally, load the bag with your gear and close the flap, letting the 550 cord poke out the right side of the flap. Here's what it looks like finished. The entire thing takes 5 minutes to do and the bag can be restored to its original condition just as quickly.

If you try it, let me know how you like it. Thanks for looking! :)

I am going to try this.  Thanks for the post!

It works great!  Thanks for the info!

Thanks for the feedback, Matt. :)

I'm still hoping to get a few minutes to make a video for this and get some better pictures...

Ok, edited the original post with better pictures.


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