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My New Personal User Made for the Pot and Knife Challenge

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Nice Matt.  You should be served well by it down here.   :thumbsup:

Looks good Matt! It should serve you well down here.

Great to see a completed M.E.S.H. knife! :thumbsup:

That stick tang will be a fun one to follow too. Thanks for posting some of the progress pics as well. It's always nice to see knives come together like that. Once you make it back from the challenge and polish those scales, that wood is going to look great. ;)

It does look cool! I had an attitude against stick tangs but I've actually used several good ones now and I think my presupposed prejudice was all in my head. Appreciate you posting.


Damn it... I'm just not a fan of kydex sheaths.
Other than that it looks fantastic :)

And yes... I am a bit of a traditionalist ;)


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