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Upthecreek's Kydex Sheath

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The other day UptheCreek sent me his Redneck Bushtool to make him a kydex sheath.  He sent me a picture and told me that the biggest thing about the sheath was that he wanted to wear it upside down suspended from his neck.  I told him no problem.
I didn't remember to get build along photos. 
The sheath is tight fitting but not too tight.  The knife will not fall out when UTC uses it like he plans.

Here is the sheath.

Here is it hanging suspended from a piece of paracord. (UTC you are getting the cord and the 2 cord locks.  I know you said you have some but you are getting it anyway.  You will, probably, need to cut some of the excess paracord away because I gave you more than enough to get the fit that you want).

Sorry for the poor photos.  As some of you may know, I lost my camera due to going overboard when I was at the Pot and Knife Challenge.  I got the one that took the photos for this post from my sister and it is better than nothing but I think I will need to upgrade.  :(

Nice job Matt. Getting the fit right so that the knife can hang upside down is pretty ambitious.

Looks perfect! I'll certainly put it through it's paces asap!

Thanks Matt.

Creek :)

UTC:  I was going to email you but you posted faster than I could get the email out. 

Very nice work Matt. 


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