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Reconstituted Stone Knife Handles

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Anyone ever use reconstituted stone for knife handles?  I tried for the first time today.  My impressions have a lot of +'s and -'s.  I think the medium (reconstituted stone) looks nice when polished up.  It is easy to work with and works similar to wood.  However, it clogs grinding belts up very quickly and won't unclog with the rubber stick belt cleaner.  It is heavier than wood, which I like... I like things slightly heavier in my hands because I have some sensation issues (due to damaged nerves) and when it's heavier I know it's there.  I, also, wasn't careful and cracked a piece of the corner near the choil.  I wonder what will happen if the knife is dropped???  Will it hold up or crack???  It was a learning experience and I learned a lot from using this stuff.  I have a stick tang knife that I am going to work a few pieces into the handle to give another it try.  Overall, I think this knife came out ok.  If I can find a better way to grind or unclog my belts I will clean this up some more, otherwise, I will leave this alone.

This knife is a little necker that Chris as C3 knives had gifted me.  The knife blade was/is razor sharp and will slice paper.  ;)  The handle is polished but needs some refinement if I can find a way to smooth things out with out clogging up belts too quickly.  The handle is at what I would consider 85% finished but will stay there because the cost of going through belts is too high.

That's looks really cool Matt! I like the idea.

I don't know about its uses as a handle material but it sure looks great!

I, personally, think it will work better as a spacer on a stick tang or something similar.  I don't know if I will use it again unless I find a better way to shape it.  I clogged 3 belts in no time and never got the handle shaped fully.  I ran out of my belts thinking I had enough (if I was working on stabilized woods etc, I wouldn't have gone through even one).  I may try a file?????  I have a mess of them.

I do have to say that the stone takes a really nice polish.

Thanks for the compliments.

I took a lapidary class a few years back. The material is basically powdered stone mixed with a resin. I would not use it for a primary knife handle material, but I think it would make a great material for inlays.

The thing to use to grind and polish that stuff would be a lapidary wet grinder, but those will set you back thousands.

Still, the handles you posted look great! It's a shame the stuff is so hard on belts.


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