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A Knife for a Friend (Tom)


I was asked to make a knife for my friend Tom.  He was a firefighter in the same town that I worked as a police officer.  He is retired now and is a hunter and fisherman.  He gave me a knife to model this one from although the knife he gave me was much smaller.  He wanted the new knife to resemble this one but made larger.

I placed a Seal in the handle for the Village we both worked in.  I haven't made it yet, but the knife will have a pocket kydex sheath.  The knife has very sharp convex edge which easily slices paper over and over again.  (Thanks Bryan for your sharpening pointers).

Sorry for the bad pictures.  (It seams I am still having problems with my replacement camera on close ups)

Bryan Breeden:
Your welcome :), Matt.  Say that turned out and cleaned up pretty nice.   I bet your friend likes that one.


The hardest part for me was to try to replicate another knife.  I hope he likes it.  I know it will work for cutting etc.  But I hope it has the visual appeal.

Great job Matt and those scales look really nice with that seal, very unique! :thumbsup:


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