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Custom Knives / Re: Wick Ellerbe knife
« Last post by wsdstan on Today at 07:53:16 PM »
Me too!  But I will defer to Wick's judgement that this was a color that was used back in those days.
Custom Knives / Re: New Package Arrived in the Mail Today
« Last post by Mannlicher on Today at 02:42:15 PM »
Greg done flung a case of knife envy on my.  I had to scratch that itch.   😜
Custom Knives / Re: Wick Ellerbe knife
« Last post by Mannlicher on Today at 02:38:58 PM »
Knife looks great.  The red hairs remind me of a girl I saw in WalMart the other day.   😜
Food and Cooking / Re: Trail foods and camp cooking
« Last post by mmch244 on Today at 11:28:45 AM »
In response to original post and a few since then: My kids and I make our own packable meals instead of buying the freezedried meals which cost more (yes, the freezedried meals weigh less but to me are often tasteless). I found corn on the cob that's shelf stable at our local Walmart ($1.38 and you get 2 ears, PKG says" So Natural minute corn on the cob, boils 2-4 mins in a Jet Boil/Camp Chef Stryker backpacking stove. We pack Applesauce pouches, Jiff to go singles, crackers, planter peanut single serve pouches, pasta sides Alfredo (calls for milk, we buy the shelf stable milk at Dollar tree, it's shelf stable until opened but kids drink it up whatever we don't use for cooking), I add 1 pouch of Tyson's grilled and ready premium white chicken pouches to the Alfredo noodles,
I add a couple pouches of hot cocoa and instant cider pouches, for me I gotta have my coffee ( I have the jet boil and I carry a GSI 20oz coffee press because coffee is that important to me and I don't have to dump/wash my coffee out to be able to cook something else. I carry coffee mate 2go creamer ( no refrigeration required and liquid stevia (to me it tastes better than the packets but I'm sure packets are lighter for weight),  I add a couple of hard candy suckers (cheap at Dollar tree) in each Ziploc bag (meal kits), I also add a couple of pouches of Oatmeal (we like the Strawberries and cream), I also found Barilla makes fully cooked Rotini noodles in a pouch (says ready in 60 sec in a microwave or 2-4 min on stove top at a boil, jet boil in about 2 min). I add mini box of raisins (from dollar tree), I get Goya chicken bouillon powder packets and Mac and cheese powder packets (I save my Mac and cheese powder packets when cooking at home as at home I use real cheese so I save the pouches for backpacking), I add a pouch of tuna to go with the Barilla pasta, I also add a pouch of Idahoan mashed potatoes, I also add a couple protein bars from Aldi's and flavor water drink pouches (from dollar tree, country time lemonade, Hawaiian Punch multiple flavors plus all are sugar free, I usually add jerky for our hikes and trips (single serve jack links as they are sealed and no refrigeration required). Just an FYI for those who might be weighing pros and cons or comparing Jet Boil Flash (I have this) to the Camp chef Stryker (my kids have these)here's what we found: the Stryker has a larger pot but isn't tall enough to fit 100G isobutane fuel canister inside of the pot and be able to lock the toggle down on the lid to secure for travel while the Jet Boil Flash is easily accommodating for the 100G Jet Boil brand fuel canister but not the Coleman brand isobutane fuel canister. Jet boil flash offers a coffee press attachment(purchased separately at scout shop $10)for those who are kinda like me and require coffee whereas Camp chef Stryker does not, so a separate coffee press would be required or use instant coffee or a pour over set up (to me it's worth carrying the extra weight for my GSI 20oz coffee press). Both boil in about the same time frame of 2 min (boiling water). Jet boil Flash also offers a separate pot support that turns your Jet Boil Flash into a regular backpacking stove if you had an extra pot pan set or mess kit and didn't want to cook and prepare each item separately in the same pot (purchased separately at Cabela's $10, to add this you just unscrew the jet boil pot off the base burner and the pot support locks in and can support typical backpacking pots and pans just like the Optimus crux solo lite ). Jet boil flash has a rubberized cap that covers the pot/lid I found it tends to pop off in my rucksack at times whereas Camp chef Stryker has a metal toggle that locks the cap/lid onto the top of the pot for storage. Jetboil provides a plastic cover that covers where the stove screws onto the base of the pot where the special fins are to protect against damage where Camp chef Stryker doesn't offer that option. Jet boil Flash had a cloth handle built into to neoprene cover on the pot whereas Camp chef Stryker has a plastic and metal handle.
Both have their ups and downs, both perform well so it would boil down to accessories, cost, and staying together while packed inside your pack.
Jet boil offers accessories, has protective cover fins and fuel canister 100G fits inside, I bought mine for $100 plus $10 coffee press, plus $10 for the pot support
Camp chef Stryker has a larger pot but isn't tall enough for fuel storage, no accessories as of yet, I bought kids $70 ea. Hope this helps if anyone was wondering what the difference between Jet Boil Flash and the Camp chef Stryker and pros and cons as well as other camp food ideas others use. Note we have yet to go more than 2 days backpacking so with that being said is why I don't mind the added weight of gear and food, if we were to go for a week or more then yes I would definitely be considering lighter food options.
Custom Knives / Re: New Package Arrived in the Mail Today
« Last post by Unknown on Yesterday at 06:25:21 PM »
the best project documented here at B&B is come to life! Congratulations Yy and Sarge. Fantastic and terrific. I like it a lot
Custom Knives / Re: New Package Arrived in the Mail Today
« Last post by Yellowyak on Yesterday at 03:52:20 PM »
Thanks guys, I'll try to give it a little love this weekend.
Custom Knives / Re: New Package Arrived in the Mail Today
« Last post by lgm on August 16, 2018, 05:23:53 PM »
Wow just wow. Enjoy.
General Discussion / Re: Very laid back, fair, even tempered moderator wanted.
« Last post by hayshaker on August 16, 2018, 06:54:37 AM »
well there goes my chance of running this fourm like
my own personal fifthdom. you know like boss hog.
Custom Knives / Re: New Package Arrived in the Mail Today
« Last post by madmax on August 16, 2018, 05:14:03 AM »
Beautiful knife.
Custom Knives / Re: New Package Arrived in the Mail Today
« Last post by Moe M. on August 16, 2018, 04:42:57 AM »

 Damn, everybody used my words,  what a stunning knife,  I love the scales,  can't wait for a working review,  thanks for sharing with us Greg.
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