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General Discussion / Re: What i will do for a dollar.
« Last post by Orbean on Today at 07:58:18 PM »
The Son-in-law is a plumber. One day he gets a call to a commercial hog facility. It's a weekend and he invites my Dear Daughter along. Kids are all teenagers. They can take care of themselves for a couple hours. The complaint is a plugged drain, so they take some kind of high pressure water pump tool made just for cleaning/flushing drains along. It's kind of heavy so the daughter is along to help unload and load it into the van.

They get it all rigged up and let it do it's thing. That day, it's thing was to wait a few moments and then blow back out the drain. SIL and DD are  blasted with days fermented pig poo and dead , starting to rot, piglets.

Bad ride home for SIL and DD. They laugh about it now, but DD doesn't go on calls anymore. No Sir.

Nothing but respects for the plumbers of the world. They are key to putting civilized into modern civilization and seriously underappreciated by many for keeping us healthy.

Thank you sir. I enjoy my work, usually. The best is when you can help out someone with gas problems get their heat back on. I work for a family company that has a heart. We do mainly commercial work but if someone is in trouble and does not have much money (usually referrals from contractors), I have seen my boss step up to the plate. He is a cranky old bastard with a very kind generous heart. 
Overnight and Camping / Re: Overnighter in SE Washington
« Last post by crashdive123 on Today at 06:53:33 PM »
 :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:
Overnight and Camping / Re: 2-nighter in the Smokies
« Last post by crashdive123 on Today at 06:50:48 PM »
Looks like an awesome camp and outing.
General Outings / Re: our new summer home
« Last post by Yellowyak on Today at 06:22:19 PM »
From Hayshaker:

General Outings / our new summer home
« Last post by hayshaker on Today at 06:13:01 PM »
well i put up the thent this morning and will post pics here and there.
its 22x8. still have to put the other tarp over it. to keep cooler on the hot days.
dont mind the mess still cleaning up from last year.
DIY and Homemade Gear / Re: extended diamond/lanyard knot
« Last post by wsdstan on Today at 05:54:35 PM »
Thanks for including that tutorial.  I will try that knot a bit later.
DIY and Homemade Gear / extended diamond/lanyard knot
« Last post by asemery on Today at 03:57:25 PM »
Extended diamond/lanyard knot

regular diamond knot on top

It took four feet of 1/4" cotton cord to set op this doubled knot.  7" were left over after tightening.

extended diamond knot tutorial
Bushlore and Outdoor Skills / Re: Tree ID -- sort of
« Last post by Yeoman on Today at 11:37:54 AM »
Yeah, I had disagreed about the pine beetle too and I'm not entirely happy with my own guess.
I've reached out to a couple of buddies of mine. Two have forestry degrees and a lot of practical experience. The other is the Chief Arborist for my town.
They are mostly Eastern/Boreal specialists but might have a clue.
Will let you know what they come up with, if anything.
Bushlore and Outdoor Skills / Re: Tree ID -- sort of
« Last post by Old Philosopher on Today at 09:57:53 AM »
This is the downed tree that was found not far from the standing one.

Bushlore and Outdoor Skills / Re: Tree ID -- sort of
« Last post by Old Philosopher on Today at 09:43:42 AM »
Western Pine Beetle damage isn't really close. We see it all the time on our firewood. Even find the larvae.

And the beetles make tunnels or furrows under the bark.  The tree in question has raised X wounds, up to a height of about 10 feet, and mainly on one side.

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