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Tip Torture Test

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Yeah, it broke.. but that was kinda the point :P (no pun intended :D )
Make sure you switch the thingy to HD :thumbsup: And sorry, my body cam mic sucks... adjust volume as needed.

Cool video! It definitely took a beating. You mentioned 1095 needing a faster quench than O1. I concur. When I was making the strikers the first numbered batch were oil quenched O1. The next batch were 1095 and I tried oil quenching and they weren't getting hard enough to spark. I started quenching in warm water (much faster than oil) and that made them hard enough to throw massive sparks.

I used the straight across grind method you described and it does result in a gradual increase in edge angle towards the tip. But I did it more for the sake of convenience than by purposeful design. I have drilled every hearth board so far just like in the video though! :D

As for the tip snapping, I would bet that probably 85% or more of every knife you can buy in a store would snap its tip under those conditions. You run into physics and there is a limit to what even tool steel can withstand. Tip geometry plays a part, but most knives are not built with someone trying to snap the tip on purpose in mind. Most experienced knife users could use that knife for a lifetime without subjecting it to those conditions. I'd have no reservations against carrying it as my only knife.

Very well done test! I'm with PW on the percentage of knife tips withstanding that test. As long as it survives drilling then that's a good tip. I have had good screwdrivers bust opening a can of paint so it is pretty much using the right tool for the right job. I think you got the heat treat spot on as demonstrated with the side impact stress test.

  Pretty cool video, Red! I was chuckling with you & the "sword in the stone" comment.

  As was said... Most folks wouldn't be that harsh on their knives, but it was cool to see that you were checking on your quality control & some of what ya do to make sure your getting out a quality knife.

  Thanks for sharing!

Cool vid.
I thought using water for a quench didn't work because of the formation of a steam barrier.

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