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Ok guys and Gals you see the title post them up!


4.25 lber a friend caught this morning in a decent windstorm. The Culprit Red Shad rigged texas style over a submerged weed bed in 8' of water. This was his first Bass and did a great job brining it in. We caught 4 altogether to win out on a two boat tourny.

Nice one!

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That's a nice one and sounds like a good day of fishing. And a great thread. :thumbsup:

The wife and I was just talking of getting away for a weekend, so I was cking a few places out. found a nice place with some good fishing. So hope to add something here real soon. I'll post our plan trip and see if anyone wants to join in over in the florida section.

These pics are a couple years old as i dont live at the beach anymore but i caught these walleyes about 20 ft from shore  trolling across a point beside the public beach at Regina Beach on Last Mountain Lake i sask,i lived about 4 blocks from the lake so it took me 20 min to load canoe get to shore unload and be on the water, another 10 min of rowing and i was in a prime fishing spot.these walleye were caught in june of 2013 between 7 and 9 Am,during the summer once 9 or 10 Am arrives its so busy fishing is more or less pointless.chk out the twisted fish,it is some kind of birth defect that was as straight as it got!!!!but man did it fight

That summer it was great walleye fishing,pretty much everytime i went out i got  at least enough for supper,all nice fish between 2 and 5 lbs,caught on a bottom bouncer,night crawler and a yellow spinner on bouncer

The above pics are taken in feb of 2014 in the same spot as the summer pics,all winter was pike like these,whitefish and burbot,where fishing out of my popup iceshack with propane sunflower heater,at -25C with heater on medium i can fish in a tshirt inside the shack.the last pic is of my oldest and closest friend/fishing partner teasing another friend who was on the way to the lake and was late. I love my icefishing setup,with the popup shack gas auger and
That heater i can be hook wet and warm within 20,1/2 hr of finding a spot to fish.can fit 3 people comfortaby,4 squeezed in,but usually is just me or me and 1other.that way both fishers have both their holes right there instead of one outside.i dont have any pics of my shack on this phone but will try finding one.i have the costco kingfisher model,was only150$,had it for 3 yrs now and i have beat  the hell out of it and it still works i hope i can get out this weekend im starting to get the shakes from fishing withdrawal,now that i got wheels again and dr ok'd me to do manual stuff like operating the auger etc.i gotta get out,and soon.thanks forvlooking

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