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Do any of you carry guns?

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Any time I camp, I carry a 22 LR Ithaca youth lever single shot and I carry my 22 SA revolver. But I've been reading threads, and no one I saw yet Carries a firearm. Is it a weight thing, or do you not like firearms, or do you just not need them?

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I have to.......I can't afford a gun-bearer.  :[

The answer is "It depends"....and I won't confirm or deny if I am or am not at any one time.

If you don't carry, it won't do you any good......

Trick is comfort........or you won't carry.

I carry one with me.  Most of the time it's under a jacket and you can't see it anyways.  I don't do a lot of self pics anyways on my threads.  But I do carry one.

I'm comity able when I carry I have a leather hip holster an I lash my rifle to my pack

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