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Paracord By The Pound, 550 cord for $5.50

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OK now that I have everyone's attention here is the deal.

I just picked up about 60 miles of real type 3 paracord.  It comes from surplussed parachutes so the length of each piece will be about 30 feet and I'm selling it by the pound.

There are around 200' of paracord in a pound (probably closer to 220').

No choice of colors, what you get is what you get.  And what you get is the best deal on paracord I could find anywhere.

Less than 3 cents a foot for military grade, not the commercial stuff.

$5.50 a pound

Shipping will be based on actual cost, and when I get around to it I will let you know how many pounds of paracord you can stuff into the various fixed price boxes and padded envelopes. 

I am currently taking orders

Cool deal! Do you have the parachutes too? I have heard of all kinds of uses for them.

Can you throw out a price to Kanuckistan if possible ?

Thanks Beast that a great deal!

is it used?   >:D


That's a great deal! 


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