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For all those intersted in bushcraft folders...

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The kit Bernie Garland uses, is obviously the same kit I use. I am working on actually MAKING the kits, sourcing screws and mini taps etc...

Anyway, there are only 8 kits left at the supplier that I am getting them from, and after that, they are discontinued and will not be available anymore. So, anyone who is interested in purchasing a folder from me should PM me, so you can prepay your kit and guarantee that you will get one.

I have no idea on how long it will be for the knives to get done, but just know that if you pre order your kit, you WILL get one!


So far there are 3 committed:


Only 5 left guys!

This offer has now expired. Sorry to all those who didn't make it :(


PM sent :thumbsup:

Payment sent buddy!


  ok !! you guys just want what I got :-)

the workmanship is outstanding,, when you get them you'll love em !!!

wish I had the funds to order another :-)

again thanks Red !!!

reserved mine months ago.  Knife is almost ready.  I am SO excited.   :)


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