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I thought I would make a thread where I could share projects I have been working on , some might not be worthy of their own thread.
A wile back I posted a chair I made. I was asked about the tools I used so I made a table with a few more pic's.

Here is the chair.

Here are the tools

My main focus was trying different joints, seeing what worked best.

Some of the wood split as I was building it.

I bored holes for dowels & supports

Cut and carve the dowel to fit.

The dowels for the top I cut oval shaped so I could rotate them & lock the top on tighter.

It was more work then I thought it would be, ( at least it will hold my beer) but I did learn a few thing about what works best.

Actually I think smaller projects like the table are more work then a larger one might be.
The tools are not something I would carry all the time in the woods but if  I had a base camp I think they might be worth it.

That turned out great looking!  I agree with you on how smaller projects can sometimes be more work.  Great job on building the chair and table- I've often thought it would be something I could do if needed, but have never actually pushed myself to the point of actually doing it.  Splitting the wood, making notches, boring holes, lining things up...all sound easy until it actually has to work long term.

I'm curious what is the tool with the loop that holds your drill bits?  Not sure I've seen that before, but looks handy!!

You done good. I love Rolling Rock.  :cheers:


Thank you both,
The eye auger was made with a adapter like this.
Mine was 3/8" then I took a eye bolt cut the threads off & ground it square.
I think it is a little large and the 1/4" one would work just as well. In addition be smaller and lighter.
I have 3/8" & 5/8" bits but their are all sizes.
The DeWalt side strike chisel worked good for cutting / cleaning notches. I wish they made one without the serrations maybe 3/4". It makes a serviceable fro also.


--- Quote from: lgm on September 28, 2015, 05:43:00 PM ---I wish they made one without the serrations maybe 3/4". It makes a serviceable fro also.

--- End quote ---

A sharp axe would work   :chopwood:



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