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Pay It Forward Box - Stage 3

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   The last PIF boxes go arounds went great! I thint it would be outstanding if the leftovers from the PIF box 1 & the PIF box 2 got combined & everything restarted for PIF box 3.

Just take the leftovers from the PIF 1 & 2 , put them together as a "re start" for a PIF 3!

  It seems as though it would be a good way fr the newer members to get involved, & let some of the rest of us keep the tradition alive & going!

Helping others out, & sharing some of the things that we have as spares & such, for those who do not have the access to, or funds to get a step "forward"..

I enjoyed the last two, & I think we should combine & start a new one.

What ya think?


MnS, maybe it would be helpful to review the rules for the newer members?

Yeah I needed this kick in the butt. After I combined everything there wasn't enough to make a few "kits". There are a bunch of knives. Some fire starting stuff and some first aid stuff. I was at a loss.

I will make a new box up. I will do a give away for what's left. There is too much for one box anyway.

Who is going to run things this time? Start the list and I'll get the box ready.

I'll run the list this time. XJ35S, you can send it to me.



I'll send it to ya on friday and post tracking here.


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