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Today I will be attempting to upgrade the forum software. This may go smoothly, or it may cause a crash. If it causes a crash, I will get the host company to fix it ASAP. You may experience temporary outages.

Ok, it looks like the upgrade to the latest forum software worked, but as usual, it broke some functionality. I have contacted the host to get them to address 3 issues I am aware of.

The spell check function, the ads, and an upgrade to the latest version of tapatalk.

They charge for this, but they are usually pretty quick about fixing it.

If there are any other forum functionality issues you are aware of, let me know. I know many of you have had feature requests, but adding new features must come after we fix what we already have.

The issue here is that most of the add-on features were written by 3rd parties. When the main SMF software team writes an upgrade, it sometimes breaks the functionality of the older modifications because they are not required to maintain backwards compatibility with 3rd party modifications.

Well, that sucks!  :doh:    That means that a lot of the tutorials and instructional posts with links to semi-crucial information will no longer be there and render most of the thread meaningless.......o r am I misinterpreting AGAIN? :shrug:

Uncle Sam:
You may be misinterpreting.

It looks like the banner on the main page is gone too. Is that coming back?

I still see the banner. The smileys appear to be broken though.


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