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Hey guys, been a while. As some of the FL crew were aware, my wife and I had to take in her mother, after she was diagnosed with small cell lung cancer. She moved in with us last June, with a 6 month diagnosis. We took care of her for 13 months, and sadly, she passed away on Friday. It was very trying, and demanding from both of us. It was like a full time job, on top of our regular full time jobs.

Anywho, this is why I haven't been around, I just haven't had time. Its been 7 months since I touched a tool for making knives, but over the next few weeks as things transition back to normal, I should be getting back into the game. My apologies to all those who have been waiting on various projects from me, please know that I will make good on all of them. We just need a little more time for things to settle down. I appreciate your patience, and look forward to jumping back into the community here ASAP!! :thumbsup:

I am sorry to hear of your mother in law passing away.  It was beyond good of you two to take care of her in a time a great need.

I am sorry to hear that the reason for your absence was not a happy one.  Condolences to you, your wife, and your families. 

Sorry for the loss Red, please tell the misses from both of us. Welcome back, looking forward to seeing you guys in the fall

That's got to be tough.  We had some losses this spring so Kelly and I empathize.  Be well and hope to see you soon brother.


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