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Shawl Pin

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My wife knits a lot , she's got more yarn than I have in knives axes and chainsaws LOL
She was nagging me for a shawl pin , after she showed me a couple and the price I went out to woodpile and came up with this .

If you can I would like to see it on the shawl.  It really looks nice.

Very cool carving, dancan!    :thumbsup:   I assume your wife will use it with loosely knit shawl material.....I have seen almost identically made wrought iron blanket pins that were hammered out at the forge.  Of course, the 'needle' was much more slender to keep poking huge holes in the blanket.

Very classy and well done, I really like both it and the heart.  Great job!!  :thumbsup:

Very cool....Thanks for posting....
Gonna put a finish on it or let it "get used in?"


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