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MLL Knives - special prices for a set off knives ready to ship- SOLD


MLL Knives:
Hello everyone,
I have a set off knives ready to ship and I'm going to make special prices for the following knives.
Sheath is not included but you may choose a sheath from the bottom photo list, will be made on order but in two days will be ready to ship.
Prices list:
1 ? N690co stainless blade, Different K design, brown micarta handle, orange liners, price: US$145 shipped
2 ? O1 high carbon steel, Amazon design, blue jeans micarta, black/white liners, price: sold
3 ? O1 high carbon steel, Woodgroove design, African Padauk, black liners, price: US$100 shipped
4 ? O1 high carbon steel, Fire-Ant design, Brown burlap Micarta, black/orange liners, price: US$110 shipped
5 ? O1 high carbon steel, Adirondacks Nessmuk design, Stabilized Curly birch/Navy, black liners, price: US$130 shipped
6 ? O1 high carbon steel, Nicator design, Washed with hamon line, Spine File Work, Black Chocolate Grenadilla Wood with Black Micarta & Brass Liners, price: sold
1 ? Kydex taco style sheath with leather belt loop, price: US$55
2 ? Standard leather sheath, price: US$35
3 ? Dangler leather sheath, price: US$45
4 ? S1 multipurpose style sheath, price: US$60
5 ? Kydex taco style sheath with kydex belt loop, price: US$40

This special sheath prices is only for this knives.

Please contact to email:
Any additional questions feel free to contact, thanks.

MLL Knives:

MLL Knives:
1 and 6 sold, thanks


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