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These are past paddles.  Thought I'd at least post something in a slow streak.  Everybody likes pics.

Ocklawaha River on a SUP.

Float fishing Toccoa River GA

Sam (Mannlicher) relaxing

It's right there.

My river in the summer.  When they release from the upper spillways it transforms from a cool trout stream to a Class V romp.

This might be the best WW canoe river I've ever paddled.  Last rapid.

I don't know who decided to build plastic SUP's,  But I'm glad they did.

Hope you enjoyed some flashbacks.

I remember some of these but not all.  Nice country.

Here's a few more from camps past.

Thanks Crash.  I can't wait to get out there. Might go down to the Rainbow this week for a river fix.

Great pictures, thanks for the post


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