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made the short trip up to Palestine Lake this morning.  Just a day paddle.  The lake is fair sized.  Beautiful day,  but it got pretty windy after 11 AM.   Evidently you can camp there also.  No facilities.  This is an almost pristine lake.  Plenty of original native cypress.  Should be full of fish.

Nice.  Maybe we can do a fish/camp next fall up there.

or meet and do a day paddle.  The lake is fairly deep,    I saw depths of around 20 feet.  It's just under 1000 acres.  Two other folks there fishing.  Dead quiet.   The camping area is grass,  shaded.

We would ski there back in the late 80's there was always pond lizards watching you. Had a lot of fun there and Ocean Pond.

Heck here is a song about it.


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