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Finally got out.


Julia and I got out for a day hike at Great Bear Recreational area.
I was a little dissapointed that the mountain bikers are trying very hard to avoid getting their tires muddy. Creating a very long and muddy area on the trail. It is right on the DEC website tread lightly rules that you walk/ride through the water/mud, to minimise the impact to the smallest area possible. The bike tires cut perpeniculat to where the water wants to go. more tread make more micro rivers of water trying to find it's way down hill.

I might cut some 4" pvc pipe in half and bury it in the ground in these areas. They can ride right over them and the water will have a way across the trail.
It was a nice day and a lot of folks out there. I saw 5 women on horeses. Julia drank out of evey water source we came across. I carried a liter of water and an aluminum pan for nuthin'.We covered about 3.5 miles. Julia didn't even start to slow down at 9 years old.

I carried my eno sub 7 hammock and suspension but didn't string it up anywhere. I took my Byer hiker chair too. 3 liters of water a bottle of Grape juice the pan for J and my poly straps from my good hammock in case I needed more length. There were a lot of places to safely hang but not sure it's okay to go off trail to do so. Our next trip might be in the state forest at the end of my road. It's land locked but I can Canoe in. It would be nice to spend a couple night out there.
Julia knows left and right. I discovered this today. She got it 100% right at every trail split and tree. I love this dog.

Glad you got out.  It's a needful thing.

User conflicts between bike and horse, bike and hiker, horse and hiker... well you get the picture,  are common.  Especially on new trails or popular trails that are heavily used.  Water bars are definitely the thing for erosion.  And you are right about being aware and respectful to other users.  That's a tough one with a high use trail.  The bikers don't want to go home with a manure stripe on their back.  The hikers hate the bikers for seemingly reckless riding.  The horse people hate the bikers for the same reason.  It's a no win situation if there's no respect.  Where I ride in NC (Tsali) they alternate days that horses uses the trails and bikers use the trails.

Happy trails.

Looks like nice woods, thicker than what we have around here.

Trail use conflicts are everywhere.  Hikers vs everybody, pedal bikers and horse riders think their body waste doesn't stink, and all of them hate motorcycles.

A long time ago there were some trails down in Colorado Springs area that had directions you had to go.  Not adhered to by the mountain bikers though.  A fellow I knew from mx racing was going up the hill on his motorized trail bike (going the right direction) and he hit a mountain biker head on who was going the wrong way.  The mountain biker sued and I think he lost.   

Julia looks like a nice companion.


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