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Swiss Army Knife Projects, Amazing.

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Moe M.:
 As I was looking up something I ran across this guys U-tube web sight and was amazed at what this guy does with a Swiss Army knife, his creations are simple but they work,  one of his videos is about making a bushcraft hot air chicken rotisserie that turns the bird all by itself using the hot air rising from the campfire.
 To watch that and many of his other bushcraft SAK videos just Google Felix Immler Hot Air Chicken Rotisserie video, or Felix Immler U-Tube Videos, to get the Rotisserie video you may have to do it separately, I didn't see it on his U-Tube play list.   

 You won't be disappointed, it really is worth a look see.

You are right.  Almost made me want to go buy a SAK. 

While I'm not putting away my custom knives that man sorta gives me verification that when I was using a Mora or an Opinel in an application that seemed beyond it I was ok.  I can hear the naysayers as he begins.  Batoning a pocket knife?  It'll break.  Twisting it?  It'll break.  That little saw is useless.  Yeah,  go ahead and try to put an edge on that knife.  Drill a hole?  I'd like to see that.

Cool vid.

Moe M.:
 Funny thing,  I never got interested in Swiss Army knives until I was retired from the police force, I always was turned off by the red scales and a bunch of blades that almost never got used,  when I retired from LE I went back to work in construction running heavy equipment, I was working for a landscaping co. operating a backhoe.
 One of our customers was a family owned apple orchard, on this occasion they were culling old trees that were no longer producing quality fruit, my job was to dig out the old stumps and dig new holes for the new trees they were planting, unknowingly I put the stabilizer down on an irrigation pipe that was just inches below ground and broke the pipe which was made of black HD PVC.   
 One of the owners sons drove by and I flagged him down and told him what had happened, he smiled and said it happened all the time,  he actually had a roll of the pipe in the back of his pick up truck along with a box of hose clamps,  in no time flat he dug up the broken pipe, he kept his tool kit in a belt pouch, he pulled it out, opened up a saw blade and cut out the broken section of pipe, cut a piece off the roll and grabbed a couple of couplings and 2 hose clamps, he made the connection, then folded up the saw blade and opened the screw driver blade and tightened up the hose clamp screws and put his Swiss Army knife away and left.
 That was the day I gained a lot of respect for that knife, since that day I've always had one around, my latest one is the SAK Farmer model, it lives in my day pack and has come in handy quite a few times.

I have a few Leatherman tools that I keep in the car and truck, the house, and the motorcycle.  An Original tool, a Super tool, a Skeletool, and a Surge.  While the SAK knives offer more tools (like scissors, bottle openers, and the like) the SAKs I have had did not have locking blades which I prefer on working multi-tools. 

Over the long haul the Leatherman products and similar tools have been my preference but maybe SAK offers locking blades on some of their models these days.  Well I looked them up and they do have locking blades on some models. 



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