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Open ocean speed demon.

Pete Bog:
Well, it's light weight as it is being held up by a stand constructed of PVC pipe. The two dark spots are probably foot rests, unless it's upside down, in which case they could be wheels. But that's not logical. The 4 dots amidships could be for rowing oars, maybe. The rope across the back (assuming the sharply pointed end is the stern) could be for a mainsheet, but I don't see a place to step a mast. Unless it's that black dot on what I thought was the stern and then it would now be the bow. But then the footrests are facing the wrong way. I think my ignorance has overwhelmed me. Again.   I hate when that happens. :D

So....did you just get it?  It's a beauty alright! :canoe: :thumbsup:

   LOL.  It's a sit-on-top surf ski.  Kind of a misnomer.   They are mainly a fitness machine.  They race them between islands of Hawaii and from Cali to the Channel Islands.  They can handle surfing pretty big surf in but it's kind of a requirement once you get out.  I can think of a dozen different craft I'd rather surf.  A waveski is made purely for surfing.  They are short and have almost flat bottoms.  The surf ski has a round bottom for speed.  The black dots are foot peddles in the foot wells for steering the rudder.  The stern is pointed toward you.

   It's an older design but the price was right and I'm not looking to race.  I'm fighting the slowly losing battle of the bulge and age.  My weight keeps yo yoing because I still eat like I did at 40.  I've got old man tits and sagging triceps.  My pants won't stay up because my ass disappeared somewhere along the way.  I'm declaring war.  The surfski is meant to be a motivator.

Pete Bog:
Surf ski. Learn something new every day still holds true. It looks like a better plan than mine. When my pants started falling off my butt, i bought suspenders. That kept the pants up but did nothing for the battle of the bulge. Your battle plan looks like a lot more fun.


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