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1st Krac Outting Fall of 2019

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Had a wonderful time with all that were able to make the trip.  Sorry to miss those that were not able to be there.  We packed light and ate light.  OK.............that last part might not be true.

Well that is a first class camp if I ever saw one.  Great looking bunch of food.  I gained three pounds just looking at the pictures. 

Great pictures as always Crash. This was a great camp, I had a blast. I left my phone in my car most of the time, so I didn't get many pictures. I did take a couple of my 5x8 Bike Hauling, Kayak / Canoe camping trailer. First time using the new right rear awning and tent / screen room combo. Worked out really good.

Also got a chance to test out a prototype build of a new portable solar powered battery box I'm building for the trailer and camping in general. Didn't get any pictures, but was able to test out charging a phone, a watch, powering some LED lights, etc. Even with the limited sun, the solar panel was generating more that the devices were using.

Greg, here's a picture I snagged of your battery box.


--- Quote from: crashdive123 on November 19, 2019, 05:43:53 AM ---Greg, here's a picture I snagged of your battery box.

--- End quote ---
Thanks Dave.


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