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Time for a spoon gouge

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So I have finally decided to buy a spoon gouge. After carving a lot of spoons without one and taking a toll on my hands I'm in the market for a good gouge. I have several small carving knives that I made in my shed with old saw blades and an angle grinder. I tried to make a gouge but can't get the results I'm looking for. Maybe with a small forge I could but who knows. Here's a picture of what I've been looking at
https://images.app.goo.gl/4kA3jogaqParD5jy6 What maker do you fine folks use? I am partial to German or Swedish steel but not being super familiar with gouges I'm not certain what I want. Any suggestions? Thank you!

Hmmmm.............c ouldn't really be of any help on the gouge, but your link takes me to a picture of a type of beer.

Maybe your problem with the gouge is related to the link you posted.  :)

^ :lol:

I'm not a fan of IPA beers..
But regarding spoon and cup carving, I have the 3 old more spoon knives, of which the 164 is my most used and favorite one.


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