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Hey! Everyone,

I just heard this trip has got a couple of spaces become available.

I already sign up. Looks like a good time.

Athabasca River Bushcraft Canoe Trip 2020
September 22-27, 2020

Bushcraft Skills, River Paddling, Hunting, Fishing, Traditional Camping

Inspired by the Fur Traders and Voyageurs of Canada?s wild rivers, and paired with wilderness living skills passed down by legendary survival instructor - Mors Kochanski

Description: Join our certified instructors for 5 days of bushcrafting and paddling skills on the Athabasca River. Combine essential river canoeing skills with traditional bushcraft skills to elevate your outdoor knowledge and experience to an exciting new level. Experience Canada?s wilderness the way it was meant to be experienced ? in a loaded canoe, hunting, fishing, and camping as we travel downriver learning and practicing timeless woodsman skills.

Back to Back course option: We have partnered with Randy, Lori, and the lineage of Mors Kochanski (www.karamat.com) to be able to offer students a great opportunity to combine two courses back to back and save on travel costs. The Bushcraft River Expedition course is designed to run immediately after the Karamat 2020 Fall Wilderness Living Skills/Survival Course(September 13-20). Past graduates of the Karamat winter or summer course are encouraged to join us on the river expedition as we will be utilizing many of the skills learned at Karamat.

Learning Outcomes:
? Paddle a traditional fur trade river while learning numerous paddling strokes and maneuvers that increase your river paddling competency and skill. Become knowledgeable on loading and outfitting a canoe for river tripping and increase your awareness of river hazards and potential problems you may experience on paddling trips.
? Utilize bushcraft skills and equipment such as Roycraft pack frames, wool blankets, canvas and modern tarp shelters, knifes, axes, saws, and ropework. Experiment with various ways to pitch camp along the riverbank and at our backwoods camp on Cartright Sny.
? Being that its hunting season, students will be able to be part of the harvesting of waterfowl, game birds, and some small animals. Fishing for pike, walleye, and whitefish will also be part of our activities and students with appropriate hunting and fishing licenses will be able to help provide food for the group. Non-residents will be able to assist in field dressing and preparing harvested animals and cooking meals over the fire.

Course Schedule:
Day One ? We will meet up and immediately begin planning, organizing equipment and going over the week. From there, we will move to local lake for the flat water component of the course. Here, we will ensure that all participants are up to speed on necessary paddling strokes and maneuvers that will be required on the river. Instructors will asses if we head to the river on day one or continue to work on paddling skills and preparation for the trip. Overnight camping will be at the rivers edge.
Day Two ? We will put into the Athabasca River at the Blue Ridge Bridge and begin paddling in river current and work on ferry?s, crossing eddy lines, reading water, and river signals. As confidence increases, we will begin to look for good locations for fishing and hunting as we move downstream. We will select an appropriate spot to overnight along the river and work on camp site selection, set-up, and food preparation.
Day Three and Four ? After a hearty breakfast, we will continue downstream while working on river paddling skills/maneuvers, hunting and fishing along the way. We will find, and set up camp for a couple days of bushcraft skills, hunting, fishing and feasting. As time allows, we will head out on various walks and engage in hunting, fishing, plant ID, gathering materials, and Boreal Forest Bushcrafting.
Day Five ? To wrap up the week we will break camp, and head downstream to our take out point near Fort Assiniboine.

Skills Learned:
? Canoe Strokes: forward, reverse, check, sweeps, pry, high brace, low brace, stern pry, lake J, cross bow draw and blended strokes.
? Canoe Maneuvers: front and back ferry?s, running pry, eddy turns, peel outs, attainments, MITH, carving, and more.
? Outfitting a canoe for wilderness travel. Reading river currents. River Signals and rescue.
? Bushcraft Skills: fire lighting, axe, knife, and saw safety and use, ropework, roycraft pack frame, setting up shelters, super shelter, campfire cooking, and more.
? Hunting and Fishing: harvesting, field dressing, and cooking waterfowl, gamebirds, fish and snowshoe hare.
? Forest Study: boreal forest ecology, plant uses, wood, stone, feather, and bone.

2020 Athabasca River Bushcraft Canoe Trip ? Karamat Wilderness Ways

karamat.com karamat.com

Keep Your Tinder Dry

Not sure how many Canadians are on the forum, but travel to Canada from the US is verbotin with the CV19 restrictions in place.

We have a few Canadians but none have been active for quite some time, at least of those I know are in Canada. 

Glad you posted this as it would be easy not to think about it.

Hey! Everyone,

I'm on here at least a couple times a week.   Reading lots!  Not posting much.

Stay Safe and Play Ouyside!

Keep Your Tinder Dry

The only folks who could go on that canoe trip are Canadian citizens or dual US/Canada citizens as all tourism traffic is verboten for non-Canadian people.


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