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stamped mark on axe head: LA...BOI with leaping/charging/running LION


Mark on what may be a European axe head. Nothing like it on (site suggested in earlier thread).  Anyone have a source for marks on "foreign" edged tools tools, or have any idea who might have used a figural "lion" mark?  There are also partial numbers over-stamped on the "...BOI" line that look sort of like 0.0_ (can't make out what it is...only the first 0 and period are "complete").  Can't tell if the
LA and BOI are a complete or partial stamping.  Tried to photograph it, but ends up looking like a rusty spot on rusty metal. Mark is 3/4" tall and 1" wide.  Thanks in advance for any info you can provide.

Probably going to need as good a photo as you can produce.  Put something in showing size or just state the size and anything else you know about the axe.

This site has a lot of axe heads and photos and might have something resembling what you have.   .

I'm on the European side living, perhaps I can help but I would really need some pics.
To clean up the markings, put some wd40 on it, and clean it lightly with sandpaper for example.


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