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Moe M.:
Today, Feb. 11, 2021.  In the middle of writing I lost the entire post. It just was gone. How can I find it ?

I have done that too Moe.  Once in awhile if you did not leave the forum website you can simply go back with the upper right hand arrow and get to the post you were writing.  If you left the website then you are probably sol.  If backing up doesn't help try hitting control Z It will recover email that disappears but I don't know if it works in forum threads.

On really long posts you might want to write them in Microsoft word or whatever you have and then copy and paste to the forum thread.  You then might have to edit out some of the punctuation marks.

Good luck finding it.

That's happened to me before, too. >:(    You're probably out of luck, but I have recovered a couple of them by just hitting the 'back button' or refreshing the page.  Once you leave that 'reply' area and post something else, somewhere you just did here, it's probably toast. :'(

EDIT:  Stan beat me to the draw....l tried.  :shrug:

Well at least we are on the same page.   :D

Moe M.:

  Thanks guys, my wife is the one who wrote the lost post post,  I knew it was gone for good but she wanted to try to retrieve it,  it's happened a few times before, some you can get back, some not, I'll repost tomorrow. 


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