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I was looking for a quality Ulu and remembered that Crashblade made a few of them a couple of years ago.  Asked him if he had any and he did.  Dyed oak handle and steel from a large paper cutting wheel.  Leather sheath.  Looked like what I wanted and it arrived today, in time to cut a bit of brisket and one tomato for our supper. 

I like it, feels good in hand and cuts well.  It is sharpened like a knife blade, i.e. on both sides of the cutting edge. 

This Ulu thing started watching Life Below Zero probably.  Hailstones wife uses a great big one and it looked like a useful tool.  We had a tourist model from Alaska and while it works it lacked the quality we like in our tools.  Crash's Ulu fits the bill for quality and is a size that works in the kitchen.  It should also be fine for skinning although I doubt it will get to far from food prep as my wife likes it too.  Between Sarge and Crash one doesn't need to wander around looking for a cutting tool they like.

Here are a couple of pictures of it, courtesy of Crashblade.

NICE lookin' ulu, Stan..... I'be never had a GOOD one from crash, or anyone else, for that matter.  We do have one of the tourist models that Heather's mother got from one of her kids that lives in Anchorage....butter knife-sharp and made of Chinese stainless steel. It's a display model, ONLY! :-\

Agnes Hailstone, for sure, is a joy to watch when she uses hers while skinning and scoring salmon for dog food.  She's the only 'real deal' on that whole series....IMHO. :hail:

Congrats, on scoring one of crash's USEFUL models....does he have any more of them for sale? :shrug:

When I asked he said he would look around.  He came back with the one I got.  You could send him a message.   :shrug:

It's for folks like you that the term, 'ENABLER' was coined!  :lol: :cheers:

funny, that is what my bank account says too.   :P


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