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Yes, another new knife.

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A new Olt knife showed up in yesterday's mail. I could not be more pleased!. Tim did a slack belt convex on this one, and the handsome handle is dyed Camel bone, one of my favorite materials. Hair popping sharp, and easily cuts dry Ash, Oak and Hickory wood. The shape is my old design from 2011, but made longer.  The blade is just a smidge over 4 inches.  The handle is 4 3/4 inches, and beefy.  Fits my hand perfectly. 

Moe M.:

  Now that's a knife (in my best Aussie accent),  simply eye popping.   :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

forgot to say, the steel is S35VN, heat treated to 60/61 RC

Great looking blade Sam.

That is a nice looking knife.  I saw you mention it on Olts thread the other day.  Down the road let us know how that steel is to sharpen.


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