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Asking for a friend.

His wife wants to gift him a last pheasant hunt out west.  She doesn't really think a big dollar Orvis lodge and guided hunt is in their budget.

I'm not sure what she thinks that this kind of hunting entails (walking).  He is an ex Ranger.  But time has not been kind to him.  I can't see him slogging over the prairie on foot very far.  He's an experienced elk, deer, and hog hunter.

But she asked Kelly if I had any contacts that could help with some choices.  I am not asking for any volunteers to take him out.  For a number of reasons (He can be ...difficult.).  Just some info about seasons, areas, and guides so that he might be able to bag some birds.

Thanks guys.


Parts of South Dakota have some of the best wild pheasant hunting in the country.  The season here starts in October and nonresidents can buy over the counter licenses.  There are virtually no public hunting areas worth going to so the best bet is to go to the internet and search for what is available.  Some of the hunts make Orvis look like pikers and others are a bit more down to earth.  We used to pay $100 a day (for access only) to hunt a 3000 acres farm near Winner SD but the guy died and the place was sold to an outfitter who charges, I hear, way more than that.

Coming from out of state one should look at a package that includes lodging as most motels are booked up.  We had a certain 3 day period at the same place every year and could not change it as there was no other time available. We were lucky we had the second three days of the season.

If you enter Pheasant Hunting packages in South Dakota you will get ads from various lodges and look at rates and dates.  Also go to the SDGFP website as it has a lot of information too.

I have also hunted Oklahoma, Kansas, Nebraska, and Colorado.  Of all of them South Dakota was the best, then Nebraska and Kansas. 

Thanks Stan.  Passed on.  I knew it wouldn't come cheap or easy.  Man am I glad I got my bird hunting done waaaaaay back.  Still have a few farms I could beg a coupla days from,  but I will never match those bygone years.  I knew it was a long shot.  Appreciate your candor.  I hope my friend can manage one more hunt.

So do I.  I knew the year that it would be my last hunt.  My retriever had passed away, the farmer was deep in terminal cancer, and his daughter was waiting like a buzzard to get her hands on the farm.  Without the dog hunting was painful.  My knees were shot and I had a heart attack the year before and figured (wrongly) I would not last long enough to train and grow old with another dog.  I still think of those days and, like you, am glad I got all of that fantastic hunting in when I could. 


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