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Need help identifying manufacture's mark on a old pick axe


Hi friends,

I'm trying to figure out the origins of this pick axe found in silt in a stream while exploring an old trading route in the mountains of British Columbia (Garibaldi Park area). The pick axe has a forge mark. Looks like a B and a C on opposite sides of a mountain/arrow/tree mark.

I'm trying to pin down the approximate date of this thing. Any ideas of the markers mark? Any leads at all?

Thank you so much everyone. Casting about in the dark here... been trying for days.


Cool find.  I did some googlefu, but came up empty on the markings.  I'm wondering if there was a British Columbia (the B&C markings) tool company.  I did find an auction site that buys and sells vintage tools in BC called Kijiji.  If nobody here is able to find an answer for you, maybe they can help.


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