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Snapping Turtle

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While  checking how the irrigation was going this morning I came across this in my alfalfa field.  Not the biggest we have seen here but sure in the top ten.


Did you kill that? IF so I hope you're cooking and eating it.

A friend is coming by to cut it up and cook it.  He has done several over the years and likes the meat. I will try it, but have never been  too enthusiastic about eating one. 

We don't set traps for them but will pick them up if we see them.  They kill a lot of young waterfowl and destroy a lot of nests. 

They are yummy!  Don't be afraid of trying some if you get the chance! :drool:

I think he soaks it in cold water for a day or so, then rolls it in flour or corn meal, fry's it a bit, and then bakes it for a couple of hours.  I might be wrong though.

Having seen what these things will eat is likely why I am reluctant to eat one.  Rotten meat, and anything it encounters like snakes and dead fish.  I once had a cow die and fall in the seasonal creek that runs out of my reservoir.  When we went to pull it out of the creek there were three large snappers that came with it as we drug it up on the pasture. 


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