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Archery season is coming


Archery season starts soon.  Deer are still in velvet but I am seeing a lot of rubbed trees near where they bed and down along the creek that runs through my place.

Here is a buck I would not mind getting close to but he is staying pretty far out from the area where my tree stand is.  He was out west of my house in the alfalfa last evening and there were three other bucks with him.

Not sure of a bullseye anymore.  I shoot a recurve.  So no bow hunting this year.

I have a recurve and it is great in the treestand but the deer have to be close.  With the compound a good hit can made out to forty yards, a bit more on the flats.  It is a sport that I still enjoy but what my uncle said to me about sixty years ago is on my mind a lot these days.  "Once you pull the trigger (or let the arrow fly) the fun is over and the work begins."  He was right.

Dang that is a nice one Stan!  I would be hard pressed to pass on him as well.  Nice tall G2's...those always make for a hansom buck in my opinion.  I am really going to try and make a couple trips this year... I only got out once last year with the bow...and no rifle at all  :(

He was back two days ago but not yesterday or so far today.  Good luck if you get out.


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