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Coleman Stoves and Lanterns...Show them off!

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I have always wanted to get a Coleman white gas stove and a lantern, or a few.  Well I came across this 425 stove for $25 and couldn't pass on it.  Always wanted one but just never got around to getting one.  Glad to have this one and it works great.  Now I'm on the lookout for some old Coleman lanterns.  A 200a is the top of my wishlist but the 220 and 228 seem to be more prevalent so they will probably come first. 

I'd love to see your photos and hear the stories of your Coleman gear if you have any to share!


Several years ago I got the bug to seek out and buy old stoves and lanterns.  I decided that if I could get them for $25 or less for the stoves and $15 or less for the lanterns that they would come home with me.  I now have entirely too many stoves and lanterns.  Heading out for a road trip, but will take a few pictures when I return.

Coleman 533 single burner has been in my traveling kitchen for more than 50 years when on 4 wheels. Not so much in back country back packing but otherwise for sure. Cooked more 1 pot meals than i can count and made tea this morning in the cabin. Made the mistake of selling one when heading out on an extended 2 wheel cruise a long tome ago since I was already on the road but otherwise i have 2 in case i need a back up. Never have.

Kind of big, kind of heavy, kind of like canvas but irreplaceable for me.

I have 3 Coleman 502 single-burner stoves.  One looks brand new and my first one looks USED.  I've used it for everything, from boiling deer skulls to casting lead bullets.  The middle one has the cook kit/storage container, but I?ve only used it for cooking a couple of times.  It goes along on car trips and canoe trips into the BWCAW when fires are not allowed.  They're pretty heavy for a backpacking stove, but tougher than woodpecker lips and none of them have ever failed me.

My two-mantle Coleman lantern was free....I found it behind a tree at a campsite in a state park, so someone must have forgotten it when they were packing up.   You could tell it had been sitting there for an extended period of time, but it cleaned up well & works like a champ.

My only Coleman stove remaining is a propane model.  Sold all the white gas models a long time ago. 

I do have two Coleman gas Lanterns in the house and we use them when the power is out.  Both are two mantle models.  One of them has a handle with a metal reflector that goes half way round the lantern glope.  There is also one propane lantern in my shop but I don't know who made it or, given my sloppy storage habits, where it might be.   :-[


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