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Coleman Stoves and Lanterns...Show them off!

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Picked up a 1962 220E lantern with the original metal case from the original purchaser.  Pretty neat.  It hasn't ran in over 25 years so I had to literally tear it completely apart to thoroughly clean it.  I did replace the pump assembly and generator.  It was pretty gross but it is running now!  Should get to use it on a camping trip this weekend! 

My Coleman lantern looks exactly like Sarge's and it didn't cost me one red cent.  When I was in college I worked for the Nebraska Game & Parks Commission as a day laborer.  One morning I was picking up garbage and found my new lantern behind a tree where someone had probably set it so it wouldn't get knocked over.....and then forgot to take it with them.  I took it to the front desk at park headquarters in case the owner called and claimed it, but no one ever did. :shrug:    Anyway, it is now mine and has performed flawlessly for nearly 50 years. :thumbsup:

Here is mine that has the reflector. It is a two mantle lantern, works well, and puts of both a fair amount of light and heat. 

Nice Stan!  I bet that reflector makes a big difference for directing light and also not blinding you when you are trying to use it more like a flashlight.

Cool story Wolfy!  Gear with a history or interesting story of acquisition adds to their enjoyment! 


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