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Some of the latest kepharts and other blades I have finished. A few of you guys have seen these on the Facebook.

My first stab at a Randall #1

Another one with spalted oak and micarta - 6" blade camp knife

Billet from Alabama Damascus with mammoth ivory scales

Last few Kepharts with walnut, curly maple, and African Blackwood

I have hand cut and hand selected some wood recently and sent it to Wood Dynamics in Dover, PA for stabilization.

Spalted maple

Spalted ash.

Ash is usually not very interesting on tool handles, ball bats, etc. Most of the pieces I harvested were mediocre but a few were really nice

Very nice work Sarge!  I would have never guessed that was your first Randall #1 attempt.  It turned out excellent from the pics.  They all look great but the camp knife after the Randall is my fav of the group.  That one just appeals to me in every way! 


Thanks, OE. I appreciate that. I like the camp knife, too. The spalted wok with micarta is a nice combination. Got another Randall pattern cut out. Might try stag on it.

Some very nice wood there Sarge.  The mammoth ivory knife is a beauty.  Heck all of them are.  The spalted wood, both the ash and the maple is really something special.  That curly maple Kephart is a good looker too.

Thanks, Stan!


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