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woods trip with the boy

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Jack and I hit the woods for a quick little adventure and meal in the woods.  We really just wanted to get out and enjoy the woods but a few small goals gave the trip a little purpose.  A long time ago while hunting I came across an old car that was upside down in a creek.  How it got there I have no idea.  But when I told Jack about it he had to find it and see it for himself.  So that was the goal of the trip and maybe even get a deer at sunset while we're out.  Here we are entering the woods and Jack made it about 10 steps before the knife came out and wood for whittling was found

After some brush busting a ways we found an easy entry into the creekbed.  A bonus that it was dry enough to walk down.  Made it much easier.

Found it!

my guess is this happened anywhere from the 60-70s.  Either a wash out flood brought it here or maybe someone doing something very stupid and rolled it.  Upon finding out Jack didn't want to leave so we made a quick day camp and Jack proceeded to look it over.  He decided the gas tank door needed to be a souvenir

onto dinner prep and getting the fire going.  We harvested some fatwood on the way in and shaved some up to make the fire easy

heating water for some noodles and hot chocolate

next was Jacks favorite part of the trip!  So glad steak is his favorite!

main tools of the day!  Jack has really taken to that old Camillus knife! 

We headed out from the car to sit out the sunset in hopes of a deer.  Nothing came in range of the bow.  Saw a doe just outside of range for me but enjoyed the sunset through the trees and headed out

thanks for looking!

Looks like a good day, thank you  Can't imagine a better way to spend time.

Well done

Great post! Good times! I believe kids remember times like those long after they forget what gifts they got for a birthday or Christmas in a particular year.

Nice outing OE.  I like that kind of father and son bonding.  As Sarge notes that will be remembered for a long time.  Good photos too. 

Awesome!!!  As others have said, those memories will last a lifetime.


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