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Need help with pictures


I am having a problem viewing pictures, as in seeing an outline where I believe a picture should be, but just blank space. Haves done searches looking for solution to this problem, but have not comes up with an answer.

Will someone point me to the right place for instructions.

Thank you!


Could be a setting with your browser, have you tried a different browser?

Is the image above visible?

Pete Bog:
Welcome to the forum ElderMcCoy,
   I assume you've been looking through some of the earlier posts from a few years back. There used to be a photo hosting site, I don't remember their name so I'll call 'em "Pail-o-Pics" for lack of a better name.  They were a free service that decided to start charging. And not just a little. I don't remember just how much, but it was more money than most folks were willing to pay. As a result, a lot of photos disappeared into thin air, never to be seen again. Well, "Pail-o-pics" must have lost a huge percentage of their subscribers as they came back and tried to lower their price. That didn't work because no one trusted them any more. So, the pictures disappeared, "Pail-o-Pics" floundered and many forums, not just this one, were left with blank spaces where photos used to be. All because "Pail-o-Pics" got greedy.
    It's to bad too, because there were a lot of really great pictures. The old saying about a picture being worth a thousand words was certainly true of many of the pictures that are now missing.
    Sorry you missed out on them.

I understand. That?s too bad about the pictures, but people have better things to use their money for.

Thank you for your response. Now I know I am not doing anything wrong or need to take further steps.

I find your site to be valuable. Perhaps I can get to the point of subscribe.



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