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Help w/ '21 4Runner build.

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Kelly brought home her retirement vehicle.  We need crossbars and basket recommendations first.  But everything else beyond that.  Seat covers,  tires,  lift,  offroad light system, etc.  It might take us a year or two but I haven't looked into 4wd aftermarket upgrades since I parked my Jeep.  Thanks

I would suggest you go to this place and look at a few of the things they do to 4 Runners.  I wouldn't buy a lot of their stuff but there are a few good ideas here.

Roof racks.  The type you buy should be based on your use.  If it just to haul a large roof top bag you can get by with a smaller basket and roof bar system. These guys seem to have good choices and the prices don't scare you too much.

Thule still makes good stuff and that is what we used on our Blazer a zillion years ago.  I would buy it again should I need a rack.  Their baskets are good but there are a lot of choices out there to consider.

Thanks Stan.  The choices are overwhelming.  Then add in the majority of buyers are never going offroad and look for aesthetics and that "cool" factor.  In fact Toyota falls into that with crossbars so low you can hardly get anything to tie down boats between the racks and roof.  Not to mention the sun roof and antenna fin height.

It is a daunting task of where to start and where to stop.  In the old days I bought a Thule or Yakima rack, a small basket and called it good.   For suspension on my Blazer I left it stock, added a K&N filter, put on a winch, and a pair of bumper mounted driving lights.  Cibie I think was the brand of the lights.  I bought it with posi-traction and 4:10 gears.  It was used mostly for bird hunting in the three or four States and an occasional trip to the mountains in Colorado, where we lived at the time.

If I was doing an off roader today the only thing I would add is those LED lights and the roof rack and basket, maybe a skid pan or two, and a set of tires like the BFG  KO series.  Always had  good luck with those tires.  Good luck with your "project".

Well,  I'm on the same track with tires.  Probably skid plates are not needed immediately. We have just sand down here.  If we start doing 4wheeling up in mountains I'll get those.  My brain hurts trying to match racks with my needs.


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