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Some time ago during my first camping times a canvas pup tent provided shelter. A few years later I camped in a surplus military tent for a summer out in the woods. And of course all kinds canvas shelters were used and greatly appreciated in the Army when in base camp on deployment. You can sleep in a poncho in the rain but dry is better and warm is better still.

All kinds of tarps and tents saw use in later years and while they worked, more or less, they didn't hold up as well as canvas. A Eureka 4 man wedge was likely the best I used when weight wasn't an issue. During that decades long period I did a lot motorcycle camping around the continent and backpacking in wilderness areas. I found a tarp or at most a hammock and tarp worked pretty well. Not canvas but it worked.

Years later I read about Bushcrafting and all the cool gear available, including some pretty nice canvas products and extraordinary knives. 

With back packing pretty much given over to truck camping these days, it is easier to tote heavier kit and I gladly slipped back into canvas tents and tarps. A wall tent with stove for colder time, a light canvas for warmer times and a light weight canvas tarp for all the times.

Still have the other gear. Its good quality and in serviceable condition so maybe the kids or gbabies will want to use it. But I have come full circle to canvas.

Certainly no regrets about the non canvas adventures and times but for me it's just not the same as canvas. Travel has been limited for a while due to covid which is understandable and huge wildfires which is regrettable.  Sometimes I'll  just set one of the canvas tents on the property and go visit the older ways for a couple weeks or so.

I'm fortunate to live in the sticks. The cabin is nice but it ain't canvas.  And camping is still camping. Always sleep better outside anyway.

Happy trails

Hushnel got me to go to a pre-1840 rendezvous 10 or 15 years ago.  Been going ever since.  Big big meet.  No modern stuff (post 1840) allowed.  I have used a good quality canvas tarp for shelter
There's a huge difference in canvas weights
  And a huge difference in cost.  But I've never gotten wet.  And I've never been cold.  I guess we can save the pros of good wool blankets some other time.
I love the 10 to 12 days a year living in that frontier era.

Only been to one rendezvous near Creed, CO. and it was real small. Nice folks and knew a lot about that period  I was looking to fish the Rio Grande headwaters but stopped in for the day. Glad I did. I stumbled into bushcraft when researching the fur trade period. Guess I'm more of a "woods lounger" these days.

Appreciate wool as much as canvas. Glad I was able to acquire enough before prices went crazy and selections shrank. Canvas, wool and down have kept me comfortable and happy in a lot of camps. Like to see your views on wool.

Still like to find a buffalo robe I could afford though.


Yeah I got good wool blankets in the "before" time too.  Also my Dad brought back alpaca blankets and ponchos from Peru years and years ago.  Sooooo nice.
I got hooked by the history of frontier days and stayed for the cooking and food.  Still use a LOT of cast and carbon steel.

Blankets AND cast iron?

Been using cast iron since way back.  Still use it every day. One pan belonged to the gparents. The y were born in the 19th century. There's something about the whole seasoning thing and the lore that seems right. Not just because it's old school but simply that it works. It's a different way of cooking.


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