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Pitiful Mushroom Hunts This Year


Slim pickens down here in the gunshine state.  A few chantrellres.    Going back up to the cabin in a few weeks.  Maybe it'll be better up there

Hope you have better luck up at the cabin

Here in the high desert of the Southern Rockies we started with a month of huge fires and really bad air from the smoke that made it pretty rough to go outdoors. Had to wear a mask kind of situation. Scorching heat started while that was going on and killed all the fruit on the trees and the drought tolerant heirloom plants in the garden. Drought tolerant is one thing but consistent temps in the 107 plus range is something else. Then came the rains which did eventually put out the forest fires but now we get flash flood emergency alerts 2 or 3 days out of five and it rains at least a bit 5 out of 7 days. Water in the desert is good but in my area heavy rains just scour the drainages clear of any and all vegetation and healthy soil while little water soaks in. It is the previously normal pattern amplified exponentially.

One year or even five doesn't support a cycle but what we're witnessing is in line with climate change modeling. Just the way it is. This area is already significantly different from even a couple decades ago. Whatever ways it changes remains to be seen but the changes are undeniable.

Still find it interesting there are folks who deny basic facts of daily experience. Saw recently someone claimed glaciers are increasing rather than disappearing. Go figure. But whatever it is we'll just have to deal with it. If we could find a way to slow some of the flash floods down a bit in a restorative way we might do all right. Who knows?

Interesting times.

I can attest to retreating glaciers it's very obvious in North America
  I too have read about some advancing ones.  But I can't confirm that in first person.  But that is way beyond my paygrade.  Climate change is one of those divisive topics.  And really all the words and debate doesn't mean .  It is what it is.
I'm a little selfish here I guess.  Our home.  Our cabin in the mountains.  Got a pretty new SUV.  We eat well.  No kids.  Kelly and my nieces and nephews are smart and successful.  They don't appear to want kids.  So the bloodline ends pretty quick.  Figure at most my outdoor adventures won't be possible in around 20 years or so due to age related problems.  So no matter how much our corrupt tyrannical government sucks the money and life out of our nation,  We (Kelly, the family, and I) have had a good run.

But don't think for a second we will complacently board the cattle cars.

Had a pretty good run myself and my kids are grown and well established so I don't have any complaints either on that score.

The climate discussions are just science based to me. Like radio waves or gravity or metallurgy or whatever one has to eventually come back to the science. I agree people get all worked up about the issue but that's a different thing and it doesn't have much if any relationship to science.

Regardless things are changing and we can all see if we care to look. My area is certainly different now. Maybe the changes are easier to see because the ecological balance was pretty fragile to begin with. I don't know

One of the kids has a place in the NC mountains and I hear the fishings good there. Looking forward to finding out.

Happy mushroom hunting.

Catlle cars? Thought you have an SUV

The heat is backing off the local forest fires are out after breaking records and the rains are scouring the burn areas while flooding things even as it's getting seasonally green. 

Pretty much the usual cycle just with each part magnified exponentially. 

Desert rats in the sticks are doing ok is my guess.  I am,thankfully .  People in the urban  and suburban areas though are definitely not.

Could be all the recent arrivals looking for fun in the sun might soon be on the run.


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