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lanyard knot vs. gaucho knot


The lanyard knot is an attractive and easy to tie loop knot. I prefer the gaucho knot   .
It is similar in appearance but a bit bulkier because of its O2, U2 construction. The gaucho knot can
be extended as shown on the right or longer if desired.
I don't know why the text in this post does hot line up correctly.  This is NOT how I wrote it. 


Good looking but not really familiar with either. Good reason to learn something nee. Than you.

Here are my tutorials for tying these knots

lamyard knot

gaucho knot

It's always enjoyable to see the knots you have in your arsenal.  It is clear that you are a master of your craft.

Thanks asemery,  I missed your posts the last few months and am glad to see this one.  As Crash says your skills with knots and nets is impressive.


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