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Jack's First Deer!


Well Jack had his first hunt over the weekend.  It was the Oklahoma Youth Gun Season.  It's pretty neat Oklahoma has an early season youth gun hunt opportunity.  It's before muzzleloader and the main gun season.  Other than being hotter weather it as a good time to hunt deer that haven't been pressured yet.  It was an exciting hunt each time we went out.  We ended up in an area full of does, we didn't see a buck.  But plenty of close encounters kept it exciting and on the first evening Jack was able to make it happen on a mature doe.  He was pretty excited and looking forward to venison steaks and jerky! 

The hunt really worked out like I planned it.  Which usually never happens.  But we set up on a good area in a creek bottom and had a nice downfall area that made for a little cover and nice gun rest.  Doe came in about 40-50 yards away and Jack connected on a broadside shot.  She only went about 30-40 yards or so and tracking was easy.  We were all stoked!  My dad was there too so a three generation first deer for the 10 year old was a great memory to share together.

The spot

Right after the shot!


thanks for looking!

Congratulations all around

Agree an early season for youth is a good idea. Looks like it worked out for your family too.

Well done

Awesome!  Great memories.  Be honest - - - who had the bigger smile, Jack, you or your Dad?

That is really neat OE.  A first deer with two generations watching, it just doesn't get any better than that for a memory.

Congratulations to Jack.

Thanks guys!  I'll pass on the congrats to Jack! 

--- Quote from: crashdive123 on October 20, 2022, 04:19:18 AM ---Awesome!  Great memories.  Be honest - - - who had the bigger smile, Jack, you or your Dad?

--- End quote ---

LOL!  It was probably me :)  Just happy it all came together and he made the shot! 


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