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Post up links to any how-to's or tutorials...

microwave drying by BigHat

sheath tutorial by Petrified Wood

Canvas Waterproofing by Forest Turtle

Axe Sheath by Wood Trekker

Heat Treating by Zeus

Knife Making by bushcraftmyway


This thread's purpose is to provide a centralized location for links to tutorials and DIY threads found throughout the Blades and Bushcraft forum. Each section has it's own specific focus, so tutorials should be posted in their appropriate boards. However, to make it easy to find them all, you can post the link to your tutorials here in this thread.

Please post only the name of the tutorial and the link in this thread.

Photographing Knives by Zeus


--- Quote from: PetrifiedWood on June 01, 2012, 09:58:01 PM ---Photographing Knives by Zeus

--- End quote ---

I love that one, taught me a lot.

Sheath Design, layout and stitching. by Hushnel

Wrist Loops Ideas by Exploriment

How I handle a knife by Red

Making a quick electronics lanyard by PW

Mustard Patina by PW

550 cord safety lanyard by PW

Char cloth in an open container by PW

Fish Hook by Kep

Wilderness Navigation: Magnetic Declination by Wood Trekker

Removing an axe handle you want to save by upthecreek

Homemade powdered eggs by Old Philosopher

Sheath Build - the PW way by PW

Come on guys! Don't be afraid to post up your tutorials here! These are just a sampling and I know there are a lot more that can be added to the list here.


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